About Us

About Us

Top Rated Automotive Oil Change Service In Lahore

Bhai Bhai Oil operates in auto-mobil services in Lahore. We serves our local community and surrounding areas for 42 years. Our highly trained employees are ready to deal with customers demands. Muhammad Athar Khan the owner has been involved in general automotive repair for over four decades and the business continues to grow because of our dedication to service and integrity.

Bhai Bhai Oil condutcs high quality and guaranteed services at a fair price. We repair domestic and foreign vehicles and are your best choice for scheduled maintenance of your vehicles.

Meet the Owners

We treat our customers the way you want to be treated.

Daniyal Athar
Co-Owner & Founder Since 1977
Certified Master In Automobil Engineering.
Arbaz Khan
Co-Owner & Founder Since 1977
Under-Graduate In Bussiness administration. Receiving Advance knowledge For Leadership Task For Diffrent Professions.

Athar Khan, Danial Athar and Arbaz Khan makes sure to intoduce their customers with new and improvise products. They surround themselves with vendors that share same vision, values and dedication which they offer to their clients. Therefore we recommend our customers with the best products to satisfy customer demands.

Our Team

Meet Our Specialists from Bhai Bhai Oil Service

Our team specializes in many different types of vehicles. Since they work on a wider variety of vehicles, they are capable to advice their customers with the most suitable product for their particular vehicle. than their dealer counterparts, their overall expertise is greater, too. By working on many makes and models, our technicians can be trusted to properly diagnose challenging repairs and other issues. As automotive technology advances, our team is continually updating their education & skills. All of the employees here at Bhai Bhai Oil Service are very honest, hard working, most dedicated people you will ever meet.

Need To Replace Your Car Engine Oil? We'll fix it

We specialise in maintaining performance of the vehicles. In fact, we're the one of the largest service network.

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